Safari and Kenya Souvenirs

Safari and Kenya Souvenirs


Safari and Kenya Souvenirs is a must have!  Having been on a safari to Kenya, getting a souvenir need be a vital part of the experience. I personally recommend that one carries as many souvenirs as one can. Kenya has a variety of souvenirs that one can take home to loved ones. This does not only apply to foreigners but to local backpack tourist that visits new locations every so often within Kenya.

Safari and Kenya souvenir

City Market -Kenya Souvenirs and SafariWe set off from the capital city. The city has a variety of markets where one can collect affordable gifts. At the heart of the capital city Nairobi, is City Market. City market has been home to many traders that specialize on a variety of souvenirs. This include carvings, hand oven baskets, beaded ornaments a range of fabrics wraps called the lesso or Khanga. Most of them having been inspired by a diversity of cultures within the country. Our team of backpack travelers picked out a several other places where one can purchase Kenya souvenirs while on safari:-

Safari  and Kenya Souvenirs –

Hotels, camps and Lodges:

A variety of hotels, camps and lodges across the country have got a gift shop where one can purchase a gift. A majority of the shops are well stocked with gifts of all kinds that may include, artifacts, stone and wood carvings, Kenyan tea and coffee.

The Masai Market: This is an open air market that take place across the city at different days. The market was once located at the heart of the city along the Globe cinema but has since been moved due to road construction. The traders have since been moved to the High court parking on Saturdays and Sundays. Bead work -Safari and Kenya SouvenirsSimilarly, during the week on Tuesdays the market is at the west gate shopping centre, at the upper car park, on Fridays at the Village market at the Upper Car Park and on Sundays at the Yaya Centre at the car park outside the shopping mall. It should be noted that the later are located outside the city centre. To get to either of the locations take a taxi from your location and ask the driver to show you the various locations depending on the day. Each of the market offers a range of souvenirs for one to carry. There are several other upcoming masai markets within the leafy suburban of Nairobi that include: Bomas of Kenya Cultural centre and the Galleria Mall along Magadi road and Karen road within Karen area.

Biashara Street shops: For many years the street was mainly host to Indian shops that sell fabric. However that is slowing changing and is opening up to Chinese business. There are a few shops like the Gala gift shop that specialize on khanga and T-shirts that the KenyanSafari and Kenya Souvenirs carvings branded. The prices here are affordable with khanga’s going for about 350-500 shillings. One can also purchase a few carving like fridge magnets that having the carving of the big fives.

Kitengela Glass: Located away from the city centre. Kitengela Glass-Safari and Kenya Souvenirs Kitengala glass offers a variety of glass items from vases, to jewelry, mosaic just to name a few. The firms offer one an opportunity to shop while also exploring the locations within. Once shopping is done, we would recommend one to visit the national park that is not so far off the location. Or just indulge with the locals at the Ongata Rongai area. Additionally one can equally experience safari and Kenya souvenirs at the Bomas of Kenya.

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