Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance


Insurance is defined as payment for unforeseen mishaps that may occur.  This may include Travel Insurance, health, property, business and many more.  In this article we shall explore the travel insurance in Kenya with emphasis on where one can purchase travel insurance as well as the importance of taking up a travel insurance policy while in Kenya.

Companies that offer travel insurance in Kenya

Travel Insurance in Kenya A number of insurance firms offer travel insurance policy.  They include Heritage, Chartis, and British American just to name a few.  Travel Insurance includes covers range from:-

Luggage cover that covers travelers against loss or damage

Financial loss or any expenses incurred due to a flight cancellation or delay

Medical cover that may include 24 hours evacuation within the country in the event of illness or accidents.  This is especially important just in case that as a traveler you fall ill, or may need specialized treatment for instance surgery.

Extreme Sports insurance : If you are planning to adventure on extreme sports that may include mountain climbing, scuba diving then it would be important that you insurance cover state the extent to which it covers you for extreme sports and or adventure.

What you need to ask while buying your travel insurance

While buying your travel insurance it is important to ask your insurer the following:-

1.       Is the cover valid at your various travel destinations?

2.       What are you covered for i.e. what categories of insurance are entailed within policy?

3.       What’s the duration of the cover

4.       What happens should one extend their travel?

5.       What’s the renewal process?

6.       Equally as a traveler, it is advisable for one to find out the premiums to pay and for what duration.

Whilst a lot of insurers will offer this basic information, it would not hurt to find out especially if one is traveling abroad.  For more information on travel insurance in Kenya sign in our newsletter for update on new travel insurance products.


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