Seven Essential Tips- Less Stress on a Backpacker’s Holiday

Seven Essential Tips- Less Stress on a Backpacker’s Holiday


For a majority of us, traveling is an essential part of the backpacker’s holiday. A holiday can be stressful from the planning, the destination, and the travel especially due to the rush since everyone wants to travel, the delays especially where flight schedules are concern, the packing and ensuring that your children have the best holiday.   Most of these stress are unavoidable, however there are certain precautions that one may consider to ensure that you reduce the stress levels:-

Plan Ahead:  Since it is the holiday season, it is important that one appreciates certain situations.  This will include crowded bus parks, airports, stressed and hurried personnel and to some extent unexpected delays.


In Kenya, the holiday season is parked with massive traffic jams all migrating the city for upcountry to cbackpacking in Kenyaatch up with their loved ones for the holiday.  Hence plan ahead to avoid disappointments especially for long distances like Mombasa and Kisumu where early booking of flights or buses is required.




Have Enough TimeBackpacker's Holiday - Enough timeDue to the heavy traffic of people at all travel points, one need to accord themselves more time than usual.   During the holiday season, almost everything that could otherwise been easily found takes longer to find or secure due to the holiday rush.  Not having enough time will only lead to anxiety and stress.

Always have a plan B:  The holiday season is characterized with a lot of un-eventualities, which may include road blocks due to accidents.  Prepare yourself with alternative routes to your holiday destination.  Avoid getting late for your flight and or departure bus time.

Backpacker’s Holiday (Early Check In)

For those traveling by air, checking in your luggage earlier on in the day prior to your travel will minimize the amount of time spent while checking in to finally travel.  The threat of delay reduced as well as any loss of your luggage due to hurried checking in.  This is also advisable if traveling with children, it can very hectic checking in while still ensuring that your children / child are on check and safe.

Happy and well feed children:  Those traveling with young children need plan for interesting and fun stuff for the children.  Children get easily bored especially when they have to sit for long hours on a road trip.  Carry snacks just in case they get hungry.  Create games that you can all participate in while traveling.

Consider a change of clothes:  For those traveling children and especially for young one –toddlers, ensure that a change of clothes is packed for them and is within reach.  Toddlers are likely to mess with everything –spilling food, getting wet from drinks to even messing up your own clothes.  Remember to pack a change of clothes for yourself too, you need to arrive looking good and ready for your backpack holiday.

Backpacker’s Holiday -Next Year

Whilst mistakes are not avoidable, we at Kenyatalii recommend that one learns from mistakes on each holiday and improve on them.  In the meantime try and enjoy your stay in Kenya.  Next year’s holiday when well planned will defiantly turn out to be one of our best backpacker’s holiday travel in Kenya.

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