Is It possible to look Good  as you Backpack Travel?

Is It possible to look Good as you Backpack Travel?


A lot of backpack travel is often looked at as a means of travel and leisure for the young or youthful.  However over time, this perception is changing as a lot of backpacker travelers are not only the young but also older adults, business executives as well as mature adults who may be on a budget.  Looking good especially after traveling for long hours can be difficult.  If you are traveling in Kenya, then you will need to consider that Kenya is a tropical country, and the weather is characterized by heat, bumpy road that can be dusty.

Kenya talii has layout a few beauty tips to assist you as you backpack travel in Kenya.


Invest on a good sunscreen: backpack travel and looking good


Kenya is generally a warm throughout the year.  The country has plenty of sun and cooler nights, as well as mornings.  It is recommended that a sunscreen and a good one at that.  A hat and sunglasses: This will protect your skin from the harsh heat and dust.

Pack a Mosquito Repellent:-

Some parts of Kenya are highly infested with mosquitoes. It is recommended that to have

backpack travel-Repellent Spray

a mosquito repellent that prevents you from mosquito bites.  These insects are most active at night, hence one need to ensure that they were long pants and sleeves form dusk to dawn coupled with a repellent.


Looking Good and Backpack Travel

Carry a moisturizer:  Ensure that you’ve applied a good amount of moisturizer to your skin prior to your traveling especially if you are flying.  Skin moisturizer will protect your skin from the harsh environment.  This includes the sun.  Moisturizers soften the skin.

Minimize on the makeup:  Considering that backpack travel includes a lot of walking on a back pack, it is advisable to wear light makeup as one is bound to sweat; too much make up will definitely not look at all on a sweated skin.  You may also choose to avoid the makeup all together.  This will leave your skin moist and clean for a while before you can resume on the makeup.

Backpack traveler drinking water

8 -10 glasses of water are a must: Stick to the rules.  The fact that one is traveling, should not mean neglect your skin.  No, stick to taking your everyday 8-10 glasses of water as is expected.  This will leave you looking full of life and healthy.

Simple hair dos: While backpacking, it will be difficult to stick to your fancy office hair do, it is therefore advisable to stick to simple hair dos.  You may wear a pony tail, short hair coupled by a hat.

While these tips and tools are outward, always remember that beauty begins from the inside.  Also remember that while on a backpack travel, you will not always look good as one may desire.  Go ahead and have fun will backpacking.

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