Nairobi Backpackers on A White Water Rafting Trip

Nairobi Backpackers on A White Water Rafting Trip


White Water rafting at Sagana Tana River

It was the first time that I had heard the word white water rafting. All I could think off, was what did they mean water rafting? Anyway I braised myself for the one day team building event organized by a group of Nairobi and Mombasa backpackers.

As usually we grouped early enough and our team leader was ready to brief us on what to expect. We were informed on the distance from the city to Sagana, accommodation details, had a role call of all in attendance and off we drove toward Thika road. Due to the construction of the major highway, we expected to experience huge traffic jam as it was the last weekend of the month that see a lot of city dwellers leaving for upcountry to visit their loved ones. The journey takes about an hour and a half to arrive at the Sagana campsite.

White Water Rafting -The Briefing

We finally are the Sagana camp site where we are briefed on what to except. Whilst the briefing the staff at the camp offer us some tea and snacks. We are provided with life jackets, helmets and paddles ready for the three to four hours experience. Our instructor informs us that depending on the water levels they could add several more activities into the adventure. The adventure begins with a 3km stretch of an each paddle where a majority of us stuck to due to the fear of water. However after a few lessons one gets accustomed to the paddling’s and the water surrounding making one very comfortable and at ease. Our instructor informs us that they refer to these as class 2 & 3 white water as it offers one plenty of opportunities to practice the paddle skills. White water rafting

Past the 3 kilometers and we are guided into a 6 kilometer section where we have a one hour break to relax. We have an opportunity to view the birdlife around, while others have an opportunity to swim in the Tana River. As for me I enjoyed the sun as I relaxed.

Finally the last 7 kilometer back to the campsite begins where we go through the paddle lessons again. The class IV and v are baptized with names like Captain Folly. The adventures proofs to tough for a majority of us and most guides fall out with most of the team players. Can of worms named after its four -90degress bends in succession. Finally, we are back to camp after 5 hours since we set off. As we approach the end the scenery is great with abundant birdlife that reside at the forest bordering the bank of the river.

White Water Rafting Sagana Camp

The camp is ideal for the whole family stay. It is ideal for a night or two of quietness. The camp does not allow loud music. Water is not treated and it is advisable for the team to carry their own drinking water preferably bottled water.

As for my group of Nairobi backpackers, we had thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of white water rafting at the Sagana Tana River.

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