Backpacker Safari In Nairobi

Backpacker Safari In Nairobi


Backpacker Safari In Nairobi

Nairobi City also referred to as the city in the sun, is the main travel connections on your safari in Nairobi.It is the capital city of Kenyais the main hub for business, diplomats as well culture for the East Africa region.

According to History, Nairobi is believed to have gotten her name from the Massai people.It is believed that the city was a place of cool waters named the place Ewaso Nai’beri meaning a place of cool waters.During the construction of the railway line from Mombasa to Uganda, once the Britons landed in the land they were not able to pronounce the word Eo Nai ‘beri’ and so they invented their own word ending up to call the place Nairobi.

Safari in NairobiPlaces to Stay -Safari in Nairobi

Whether you are first timer to the City, Nairobi will offer one a variety of places to explore.The city is home to major world class hotels a majority of them being 1- starred hotels.This include hotels like the Hilton, Intercontinental, Safari Park hotel, Jacaranda, Sankara and the Windsor Golf and Country Hotel just to name but a few. Equally the city is also home to an array of cheap hotels that offer basic amenities and are comfortable for low budget spender. They include Nairobi Milimani Hotel, Milimani backpackers, Nairobi Backpackers, the Kenya Young Men Christian Association (Y.MC.A) as well as countless home stays, hostels and guest houses.

Attraction Sites -Safari to Nairobi

The city has quite a mouth full to handle as far as attraction sites are involved.Once at the airport, your tour begins here.These include the drive from the airport to your accommodation.The city of rich in its art and culture and hence a visit to the National Museums of Kenya is well recommended.At the Museums of Kenya, you will experience indigenous people of the country and a history of the people of Kenya’s culture.In addition to the museum is the Snake Park that is home to several species snakes, crocodiles and other of reptiles.Other museums include Karen Blixen museum.

Away from the Museums and one is ushered into the city central business district that inducts one firsthand experience of the people’s culture.To experience this first hand we recommend that one used the public transport of mini vans referred to as Matatus’.These are not very comfortable but one will definitely add some memoirs into their diaries. The city has an array of shopping outlets that offer you an opportunity to carry souvenirs back home.The City Market has a variety of these items.If one is within the city over the weekend, then one can sample the open air market referred to as the Maasai Market that offers one souvenirs of all types that include, bead work, carvings, Khangas, beauty accessories and many more.

For the wild lovers, then your other stop should be the only National park within a city.Located a few kilometers from the city, the Nairobi National Park is the habitat for wild animals.Here you come close to the wild animals in their natural habitat, one gets to see the giraffes, Buffalos, a variety of birds and on a luck day you will see the king of the jungle.It is important to note that one needs a vehicle to take the Nairobi National park tours.In the absence of a car, then one can visit the Nairobi Orphanage, where there are caged animals.They include the big fives of Kenya.

Having experienced the National park or the Nairobi Orphanage, you may stay on and enjoy the Nairobi Safari Walk or the Rangers Restaurant that has mouthwatering cuisines.For those that would like to learn more about the culture of Kenya, one would need to experience the Bomas of Kenya.Here there are activities of song and dance on the various Kenyan cultures.

For night life lovers, an evening at the Carnivore restaurant is a most experience.Located along Langata road, the restaurant offers an array of game meat, and for those that enjoy a beer, sample a Tusker keg beer, that is a Kenyan symbol beer.

However one needs to remember to drink responsibility.Nightlife in Nairobi s characterized with music, from cultural theme nights, to cultural clubs that play specific tribe music to reggae all night dancing clubs.


Finally, although this article has not highlighted all the places to visit while on a safari in Nairobi, we recommend that one enjoys their stay in the city in the sun while on the safari in Nairobi.


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