Backpacking in Kenya

Backpacking in Kenya


Five Ways to Protect yourself while backpacking in Kenya

Whilst you’ve organized and thoroughly researched backing in Kenya, it is of importance that you protect yourself from any unforeseen distress. This may happen to any backpacker not only in Kenya but worldwide. Kenyatalii has come up with a few pointers to put in mind while backpacking in Kenya.

1.  Stick to the city (town) by laws

Ensure that you are well aware of local city or town by laws/customs. Some may seem to be trivial but it is of importance that one adheres to them to avoid upsetting the locals. Ignoring them custom laws may lead one to being arrested or charged. For instance in some countries smoking is within designated areas, (including Kenya), hence smoking in public or non designated areas will lead to fine from the local authority. Ask the locals within where you are staying for the basic information as regards the laws. Before traveling ensure that you have researched on the local laws, customs and traditions. It will be your first stop to a great holiday.

2.  Avoid Carrying lots of cash

World over, carrying cash around is a recipe for disaster. It is advisable to carry your bank cards rather that cash. A lot of the places in Kenya accept master and visa card with the latter being the most used. Imagine losing all your money and bank cards in a foreign country. Not exactly what you’ve been planning. Hence the importance of ensuring that your money and bank cards are safe.

3.  Pickpockets are real -Backpacking in Kenya

Pickpockets are prone where there are crowd. However that does not mean that crowd necessarily means pick pocketing. All that one has to do is ensure that you are safe from pickpockets, by ensuring that your valuable goods are close to you. Pickpockets have a huge array of tactics so ensure that they do not have access to any of your valuables. Some will approach you especially when they realize that you are news to the city or town as if to offer directions, or just to distract you and finally pickpocket your wallet of any other valuable. Should you need to ask for directions try use the authority that in most towns will be uniformed for instance the police, the city council attendants, security guards at buildings.

Backpacking in Kenya

4.  Carry your bag (s)!

back packing in kenya Carrying your bags is what every travel expects should be done, however due to fatigue one may be tempted to put their bags down. Avoid this at all cost, should you put your bag down have someone look after it (fellow traveler) otherwise putting your bag down especially in busy areas like the bus parks could be the grand opportunity for a thieve to grab and steal your bag with all your contents. At restaurants have your bag on your foot through you the straps or place the straps hooked to your chair. Under whatever circumstances, ensure you have control to your bag at all times.

5.  Back Streets are Just That!

Adventuring within dark back streets of any city or town is a no, no. Whilst you may be adventuring and your may be fine, it is not advisable to take the risk of back streets. In a majority of towns and cities in Kenya, the back streets are homes to hawkers and in some street families reside here. However it should be noted that in most of the cities like Nairobi and Mombasa security within these areas has improved drastically. Nonetheless, it always good to avoid these streets, you never know when bad luck may strike.

Finally, stick to the few tips that we have offered and your backpacking in Kenya will definitely for a great experience.

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