Top 12 Fascinating Attractions of the Antiquated Region of Umbria

Umbria carries in a nutshell the various phases of the development of distinctive Italian culture and art. The place is riddled with numerous quaint attractions and landmark architectural brilliances. You can book apartments in Umbria and explore the timeless appeal of the places mentioned below at your own pace.



Rocca Maggiore, Assisi

This stately castle fortress was built in 12th century and is situated over a walled hilltop commanding a splendid view of the beautiful city of Assisi and the neighborhood country.

Piazza del Comune, Assisi

Lying at the center of Assisi, the square is the bubbling spot for social, cultural and political events.

Abbey of Sassovivo, Foligno

The abbey constructed in 11th century has a charming Romanesque cloister which was once treaded by St. Francis centuries ago.

Duomo di San Rufino, Assisi

The church dating back to the fifth century holds the baptismal font of Emperor Frederick II, St. Clare and St. Francis.

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View of Assis
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MUVIT Museo del Vino Torgiano Museum, Torgiano

It has an awesome collection of bottles and casks. The wine museum takes the visitors down the memory lane through the five thousand years of wine making. The archeological, artistic and ethnographic remnants belong from the third millennium to Picasso’s era. The stately Graziani-Baglioni, constructed in seventeenth century houses the museum.

Pozzo della Cava, Orvieto

Orvieto’s history and archeological accomplishments can be located within this well and similarly many other wells. The traditions of the place spanning back to 27 centuries have blended within the wells. Located in the heart of the town, the Orvieto cathedral’s wells allow discovery of the Etruscans, Middle Ages and Renaissance. The caves are replete with recent archaeological discoveries that will capture your attention.

Church of St. Fortunato, Todi

The picturesque medieval place of Todi is the site of this impressive Gothic style church. The church holds pieces of great historic and artistic value.

Lake Trasimeno (Lago Trasimeno), Perugia

The lake is situated in the heart of Italy. You can plan trips to Umbria as well as Tuscany from this place. The lake offers bountiful experience of the unsullied nature and is also the favorite haunt of birds and exotic fishes.

Monti Sibillini

This place lies in the eastern part of Umbria and is undoubtedly one of the most scenic regions of Italy.

Via San Francesco, Assisi

You can promenade through the scenic street located at the center of Assisi. The street is lined with tastefully built residences, chic shops and quaint buildings of the past.

Roman Temple of Minerva (Museo e Foro Romano), Assisi

The Roman temple of Minerva has been well preserved. The classical façade of this present Christian Church is worth seeing.

Cappella del Corporale, Orvieto

This church built in Gothic style was constructed to pay tribute to the Miracle of Bolsena which occurred in 1263 AD. It holds the sacred altar cloth which has been safely placed within a large, jewel encrusted casket. The miracle has been vividly described through a number of enchanting frescoes by Ugolino di Prete in fourteenth century.

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