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Travel to Kenya: – Your Activities

What to pack is determined by the kind of activities that you intend to engage in, while on your travel to Kenya.   For hikers and campers, you will be required to carry good hiking shoes, and if you intend to go hiking at Mount Kenya, then suitable clothing is very important due the snow at the top of the mountain.  A wide hat is equally a must have due to the hot sun that may be harsh to a majority of travelers.Travel to Kenya -Kikoy

If you are visiting the coast city of Mombasa remember to carry sun screen protection lotion, light clothing and depending on which part of the coastal region one may be visiting, invest in a kikoylesso as shorts may be found to be inappropriate especially if you intend to visit and interact with the local communities.    In addition, a good pair of sunglasses is suitable for the hot sun and an insect repellent lotion is necessary for those unexpected insect bites.


Travel to Kenya: Your luggage

Depending on your mode of travel, remember to carry suitable suitcases and bags that can withstand the mode of travel.  For local flights, ensure you find out the restriction of luggage weight.  It is advisable to carry a small bag or backpack to serve as your hand luggage. Travel to Kenya

If you are going to use public transport that include train, bus or a matatu (mini vans), ensure that your luggage is well packed in the vehicle, also remember that luggage is carried at owner risk therefore make sure that you take care of your luggage.  Public transport in Kenya does not compensate for loss of personal effects and or luggage while on transit.  Additionally your bags and suitcases need to withstand harsh conditions, it is therefore suitable to carry the hard type that can equally withstand dusty conditions on Kenya roads. Ensure that your bags and or suitcases have got enough packing space.

Travel to Kenya: Personal effects

Personal effects vary per individual.  Personal effect may include prescriptions, first aid kits that may come in handy as one goes camping and hiking. Flashlights, army knifes should also count as part of your personal effects. Travel to Kenya

A video camera, Camera charges, cell phone charges, ropes for mountain climbers, a good binoculars suitable for great wildlife game viewing are just but a few of the personal effect that one need to pack.


Travel material –Travel to Kenya

This include your passport, copies of your passport, you driving license if you intend to car hire, your travel tickets, your vaccination certificates (Yellow fever) and insurance travel documents.  Finally securely carry your credit and debit cards and any cash that you may want to carry.

This list is not exhaustive; however, we at Kenytalii encourage that while one plans and packs to travel to Kenya, extensive research on your destination and activities should be carried out.

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