Discovering Another Mombasa Attraction-Shimoni


Having visited the coastal town of Mombasa, my team was looking for more adventure within the vast Mombasa attraction.  We had been to Shimba National Park, Mombasa Island, Haller Park and an array of pubs and eateries.  Each one of them had proved that the coastal town was truly Mombasa raha.

Past Mombasa Attration to Shimoni

After our having our self made breakfast, we decided to check out what we could find several kilometers past Ukunda Town.  This was going to be an adventure to uncertain area.  The road is fairly in a good condition not to mention the people are friendly.  We drive past for about 20 minutes and see a sign post indicating shimoni.  After inquiring from the local community, we learn that Shimoni is just about 30 minutes drive.

Signs at Shimoni Having been assured that Shimoni was a great place to visit, we set out to see what adventures the place has to offer.  The scenery is great with palm trees along the road.  We finally get to diversion road that indicates Shimoni.  There are sign posts of accommodations facilities available.  That included, Kenya Wildlife, Shimoni reef Hotel and Betty’s camp. For first timers to this place one may feel like the drive to shimoni is too far due to the uncertainty of the destination.

The Direction -Shimoni a Mombasa Attraction 

The road towards shimoni is dusty but smooth.  The community here is purely Coastal and one can tell that they are a reserved community.  We drive about 8 kilometers and we are finally at the small town of Shimoni.  The buildings are ancient.  We are showed the directions into the Kenya Wildlife Service offices.  Once at the offices we learn that KWS is home to the Shimoni bandas.  The bandas are reasonably cheap with simple amenities.  The community hear can tell guest from a distance, we learn that the communities population is very small and they get to know each other.  The bandas are self catering suitable for a family get away.  Additionally to the KWS bands there are several other places where one can get accommodation that include, Shimoni Reef, Shimoni Garden, Betty’s Camp and MwaNzaro Beach Mangrove Lodge.  The activities were informed include a visit to the Kisite Marine park and Wasini Island located at the opposite side of the village.

Activities a the Mombasa Attraction Shimoni

Shimoni offers a variety of activities while visiting Kenya talii has listed a few of the activities that one may engage in while visiting :-

1.  Visit the Slave Caves of Shimoni:-

Shimoni Slave Cave-Mombasa Attraction The caves are a reminder of the human trafficking of the 19th century.   It is believed that slaves were shackled and then fastened on the hooks attached to the caves walls.  Slaves were stored here before shipment to Zanzibar slave market.  It is a visit that remains memorable from history of slave trade.

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 2.  Wasini Island:  At the Island we got off for a discovery stroll through the pure Swahili culture.  We visit the coral garden and the mangrove swamp forest.   To get to the Island, one will need to hire a tradition Dhow.  The cost of hire should be negotiated with the boat operators.  One can ask the KWS staff to organize a good boat attendant.

3.  Experiencing Sea food:  One can enjoy a barbeque of mouth watering sea food with Swahili accompaniments at Charlie Claw’s underwater eco-system.

4.  Kisite -Mpunguti Marine Park: Offers quite some activities.  These include snorkeling, Dolphin watch, diving, sunbathing.  Make sure you get a few photos while at the park.

SHIMONI JETTY Finally we are on board our dhows for the sea trip to the Shimoni jetty having been captivated by the Mombasa attraction and shimoni.

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