Mombasa Attraction -Haller Wildlife Park

Mombasa Attraction -Haller Wildlife Park


Away from the famous Mombasa attraction of sandy beaches, Haller Wildlife Park adds to the list of attractions that one need to visit while at the coastal town.  The park is located next to Bamburi Cement Factory. 

Haller Wildlife Park a Mombasa Attraction

Haller Park boasts of being the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa.  Haller Park also referred to as the Lafarge Ecosystem pride itself of enormous variety of animals, reptiles, insects and botanical gardens.  Once at the gate and having paid the entrance park fee of Kshs. 250/- per adult, once is welcomed by a well paved stair case that lead the various sanctuaries.  We get attracted by a group of tourist that was touring the park for the first time.  Being first timers too we decided to follow them as we enjoyed nature.  There are a variety of trees, beautifully manicured lawns that are very ideal for a picnic.  If one has visited the beaches, Haller Park is a definite change of atmosphere.  

 Walking along the train is suitable for one to see the various animals.  On this particular day the attraction were the crocodiles.  It was feeding time and all the visitor were gathered around the crocodile pond.  The area is well fenced hence making it safe.  Cameras click away as the supervisor feeds the animals.  Meat is tied onto an elevator and slowly lowered to the crocodile.  It’s a spectacular sight and it serves for a great afternoon within a park.

 The Mombas Attraction–Crowd Puller

Away from the crocodiles, we head towards the various fish ponds; there are just about five ponds with a variety of fish species.  We find the hippo grazing out of the water, a distance further there are two waterbucks with their horns locked, the highlight of the day was feeding the Giraffes.  The walk within the park is easing to the mind and the sounds of birds whistling within the park equally uplifting.  We walk further in and see monkeys our guide informs us the variety of moneys in the park namely, Green Vervet, Sykes and the Mona monkeys. 

 More Mombasa Attractions

Further up the Bamburi Road, is Yuls where one can enjoy the Mombasa attractions of the beach as one unwinds for the day.





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