Backpacking list – Kenya’s Ten things to Learn

Backpacking list – Kenya’s Ten things to Learn


Having planned your backpacking trip in Kenya, the last thing you would least expect to encounter is a disaster.  Even with careful planning and organizing, sometimes the inevitable happens.  Maybe you had matches, but couldn’t get that fire going. You need more than good gear to assure a safe and enjoyable wilderness experience. Nevertheless before you undertaking a backpacking trip, we equip you with a few things that will help you should there be some mishaps.

1.  Learn fire making

Practice in your yard if you have to, but try to start that fire with one match. Try it the next time it’s raining too.

Pitch those tents correctly to ensure comfort.
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2.  Learn to pitch a tent

Pitching your tent wrongly may have you sleeping in out in the rain, or have the rain slip in to your tent, or the wind will tear the seams. Tents should be pitched tight, and you should be able to set your tent up in a few minutes.

3.  Learn how to stay warm

Practice short camping trips  say one night, to see how blocking the wind, wearing a hat, and eating fatty foods before sleeping can keep you warmer.  Practice always makes perfect eventually you will be ready to go camping for one or more weeks.

Cooking over open fire.
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4.  Learn to cook over a fire.

Can you cook using three stones? Do you know how to fetch firewood?  In Kenya especially in rural Kenya, the three stones fire is used as a stove.  Off course you can carry a simple backpacking stove.  What if it broke or run out of gas as you prepared your dinner what would you do? Learn how to Block the wind, cover the pan, keep the fire small and concentrated. Practice, and time yourself.

5.   Learn about edible plants.

Knowing how to identify wild edible berries can make a trip more enjoyable, especially if you ever lose your food to monkeys.  Look out for warning signs in various parks where monkeys snach food, bags and anything that looks edible.

 6.  Learn how to enjoy walking

Learning how to move comfortably over rocky terrain means you’ll be less tired, and less likely to twist an ankle should hiking be part of your backpacking trip.

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7.  Learn wildlife behavior

What would you do if a hippo was grazing near your tent while you slept?

8.  Learn to watch the sky, be the weather man!

This should be easy for us Kenyans.  Leaning the weather patterns and the skies/sky will help you know when the next heavy storm is raging. Learn the basics of predicting weather, and you’ll be a lot safer.

9.  Learn basic first aid

Do you know why treat an insect bite? What if you sprained your foot/ ankle? Do you know how to properly treat blisters? Good things to know.

 10.  Learn navigation

Now this is one of the many things I have had to learn the hard way.  Maps don’t help if you don’t know how to use them. The same is true for compasses

You don’t need to be an expert in wilderness survival to enjoy a safe hiking backpacking trip in Kenya. It can help to know a little more though. Use the backpacking skills list above, stay safe and have a memorable backpacking trip around Kenya stress free.

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