Adventure Hike At Mount Longonot

Adventure Hike At Mount Longonot


An adventure Hiking Mount Longonot

Our adventure hike was scheduled to take place at Mount Longonot which is located in Naivasha a market town in Kenya’s rift Valley. The town is popular with a majority of Nairobi residents that are looking for fun within a few hours drive away from the city.  The most popular destinations being Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park and Mount Longonot.  The town too is home to many flower farms that export their product to various European markets.  Interestingly apart from the town being popular for its leisure facilities, its also a destinations for a-lot of Kenya’s political scene retreats.

On this particular weekend, we intended to have a great time in Naivasha.  We were taking a backpacking hiking trip to Mount Longonot.  We ganged up with a group of backpackers ready for a day. Departing Nairobi early in the morning, we drive through the Saturday morning jam through Westlands and into the Naivasha- Nakuru highway. As we approach the escarpment, the scenery of the Rift Valley starts to show. It’s a sunny day and hence we intend to get to Mount Longonot early enough for hiking. We stop briefly at view point that offers a splendid landscape of the Great rift valley that rolls out before us with dead out volcanoes of Suswa and Longonot. At view point one gets an opportunity to shop for some Kenyan souvenirs’ from a few shops located along the highway. From a distance we can see the reflection of Lake Naivasha.

Ready for the Adventure Hike

We finally arrive at the entrance of Mount Longonot. We first have to be cleared by the Kenya Wildlife Service officers that man the gate. After paying our park fees, we join various other groups of hikers all climbing the mountain. The hike starts off smoothly without a hitch at the foot of mountain. It gets more difficult as the climb gets steeper. It is important to carry drinking water, binoculars, and a hat to prevent you from the hot sun, sunglasses and sunscreen. If you intend to have a picnic at the top to the mountain, ensure you’ve carried a simply packed lunch.

After two hour of hiking we finally get to the top of the rim of the crater. From the top one can see the Naivasha town, all the great lakes of the rift valley that include Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and are a great sight. You can have some photos taken to add to your memoirs library. We set out to have our lunch at the peak. Mount Longonot is home to a few wild animals that include buffalos, leopard, and antelopes most of whom live in the thick forest that covers the crater floor. After our picnic lunch, we embark on walking round the rim of the crater. This last us another three hours, the walk is through narrow paths and at some points quite slippery. It’s of paramount importance that one is reasonably fit to take the hike. Going down take us about one hour. We finally get to the bottom of the Mount Longonot just before 5pm. The entire team having had a fun day that’s exhausting.

Any Accomodation after the adventure hike?

There is no accommodation facility at the mountain; however one can either drive back to Nairobi, or find affordable accommodation at Naivasha town. The town has quite a variety of places to stay. As for my friends,  we concluded our adventure hike with camping at the fisherman’s camp located at shores of Lake Naivasha.

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