Historic attractions while in the Voyager Ziwani-Tsavo

Historic attractions while in the Voyager Ziwani-Tsavo




My stay at Voyager Ziwani would not have been complete without taking the opportunity to visit the various historic attractions within Tsavo West.   Our host Ndeithi and our guide had promised a day full of adventure and fun.  We had been briefed on the event but no briefing would be enough without ensuring that we had covered all the historic attractions.  We had our breakfast, packed up our picnic lunch, ensured that we were all ready and off we were gone.

The Morning Game drive

Driving past the main Kenya Wildlife service main gate to the Tsavo West Park, we had a chance to see several wildlife along the way.  Being mid morning most of the animals and the wild is and was on sleepy mode i.e nothing takes place or at least nothing much happens!

A herd of zebras

A herd of zebras

There were several herds of Zebras enjoying the morning sun while grazing  some giraffes but no cats in the offing.

Lake Chala

The breathtaking view on the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kilimajaro is Lake Chala a gem of fresh water hidden in its own crater and whose outstanding beauty is easily missed. Only the chosen few who are aware of this great attraction that slashes through the boarder of Kenya and Tanzania at Taita Taveta country get to visit the lake. Getting to the lake the terrain is quite steep.

I get a chance to feel the water at Lake Chala

I get a chance to feel the water at Lake Chala

Getting to the bottom take 30 minutes, once at the bottom the sight is one to behold.  Some of us get a chance to swim and feel the water.  Various fish specifies are abundant at the lake; one can see several local who will row a boat to the nearby homes.

Locals going fishing

Locals going fishing

Local communities here still hold some superstitions about the lake. The lake is believed to be 90 meters deep.  We depart with a promise to return to this charming fresh water lake.

The Sniper Tree

An old bamboo tree that is believed to have been the home of a German soldier’s wife who sort revenge to the British after killing her husband during the Second world war around 1914. The tree in hollow in the inside with slim gaps that are believed to have been the snipers shooting points. We tried to hold hands and see how many of us would cover the entire tree; it took about 10 people to cover the entire.


Mutua Matheka up The Snipper Tree

Mutua Matheka the photographer clips up The Sniper Tree

A story is told of how the lady soldier befriended the locals for her suppliers and confidentially.  It took quite a while before the British soldiers would know who and how they were being shot to death.  However once they learnt about her hideout they ambushed her and killed her.

Naming of various location (Centre)

Tsavo West was home to the historic great battle field between the British and Germans.  There are various locations named as a reminder of the huge battle.  We are told the locals coined the names from the various English words. They include places like ‘Salaita Hills’ coined from Slaughter Hills, ‘Makatao’ coined from mark timing, ‘Mashoti’ coined from more shoot.


Other Attractions historic attractions 

Lake Jipe

Although we did not manage to visit this fresh water lake, our guide offered us information about this lovely attraction.

Below the breath taking pare mountains is Lake Jipe.  A fresh water lake at the border of Kenya and Tanzania that is home to various bird species and fish.  The local communities from both countries engage in fishing activities.


Grogans Castle

A historic castle that was built in the 1930’s, the castle offers guest a scenic view of mount Kilimajaro.  The castle offers huge accommodations that can hold extra beds as well as self catering cottages. Today’s Grogon along Kirinyaga road in Nairobi is said to be named after Ewart Grogan. He built a hospital as a reward to the east African child named after his wife Getrude that is today Getrude’s Hospital along Muthaiga in Nairobi.

Kenyatalii.com verdict

Quite a historic safari for anyone that loves to understand locations and their history.  Ensure you have a guide to explore and get as much information as possible.  If possible get to interact with the local communities around the various attractions; they always have a story to tell.  Most of all carry an adventure spirit with you.


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