Solo Woman Backpacker Traveler
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Solo Woman Backpacker Traveler


You’ve been planning to visit for a while now. You’ve saved enough funds, you also know that you will be a solo woman backpacker traveler and are aware of your destination.  This trip is unique in the sense that you plan to take it alone for various reasons.  A lot of us may feel that taking a solo trip would be overwhelming especially if one is in a foreign country.  However that need not be the case.  Once you have researched on your destinations and routes, solo backpacking would end up being one of the most enjoyable trips you may have taken in your life time.

Women Backpacker safety tip for Kenya

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A lot of women are traveling alone, on business, work or even for leisure.  Solo traveling teaches one to rely on themselves.  One enjoys experiences that may have been thought to be boring when done alone.  This also offers one an ideal time for soul searching or just to lock out the world away and concentrate on you.  You get a chance to do what you desired without remorse of who might not be interested in your activities.  Being a solo backpacker offers one a chance to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds.  For the working mother and wife, traveling alone for leisure is an ideal opportunity to relax and reflect on one self.  Some of the new friendships you may form during your solo trip may turn out to be wonderful, lifelong friendships.   Others though temporary, may live in our mind for ever for having opened a new world and changed our mind sets on various issues.

Tips for the Solo Backpacker Traveler

For the woman traveling alone, here are some tips gotten from personal experience as a solo woman traveler and from business colleagues: –

  1. For foreigners, ensure you have all the necessary travel documentation.
  2. Then traveling to Kenya ensure you have your passport and visa valid.
  3. Ensure you have a yellow fever vaccination taken and carry the certificate as proof at the airport on arrival.
  4. Book hotel accommodation well in advance in a good neighborhood.  Ensure that you have well researched the locations.
  5. Avoid having heavy language.  Carry only what you may require during your travel.

More Tips for Solo Backpacker Traveler

  1. Keep all your monies secure.  If possible avoid carrying around a lot of hard cash rather carry your visa card.  Visa cards are acceptable in most hotels.
  2. For locals –Kenyans, carry your ATM card, most banks have ATM’s in most parts of the country.  Even better carry your cash on MPESA, (Mobile money), there are tons of Mpesa agents country wide where one can access money.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.  Comfortable shoes are kind to your feet and should you need to run away in the event of an attack, the shoes will come in handy.
  4. When visiting certain areas, check your dress code.  Avoid dressing in a provocative manner as you may attract unwanted attention and may send wrong signals that may warrant for unwanted harassment.
  5. Ensure that you keep family members or a friend about your whereabouts.  Keep you mobile phone on and with you at all times.
  6. Make sure that you know all the necessary emergency service numbers.  This include the police , ambulance services and hospitals.   For foreigners, it is important to have the local embassy telephone number.
  7. When traveling on public transport, try and sit next to a lady.  When asking for directions, ask a lady; however you will need to use your instincts.   Ladies too can equally be sly.
  8. Avoid letting strangers know that you are traveling alone.

In conclusion, women traveling alone need to be careful.  Nevertheless, one need not have a suspicious mind to everyone.  While it is always good to remain vigilant.  You will realize that a lot of people are very genuine and friendly.   Next time you are a solo backpacker traveler, just have fun and let nothing trim down your traveling spirit.

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