Camping and Hiking safaris in Kenya – the memory that lives on!

Camping and Hiking safaris in Kenya – the memory that lives on!




Camping and hiking safaris in Kenya is interesting and builds an unforgettable memory. Even so, on the side of camping there are not that many campsites, it takes a bit of planning. The available ones are both public campsites or parks and private ones.

The experience of Camping and

Hiking safaris in Kenya

Biking and walking could be done on Mountain Bikes. During your camping and hiking safaris in Kenya, Bikes are supplied though you can bring your own. There are purpose built trailers for transporting the bikes and a back-up vehicle follows each cycling safari at a discrete distance. Back-up vehicles ferry additional food and water and personal belongings, which you may not include in your own day-pack. In addition, they carry tired fatigued riders. Usually, one backup vehicle goes ahead and sets up camp, prepares meals and welcomes the hot water showers.

The Kenyan trading safaris can take a number of half-day stints in combination with bikes and drives or they can be a journey on its own. The trip can be anything from Nairobi to the Great Rift Valley and through Lake Naivasha on to Lakes Baringo, Nakuru and Bogoria. While on the way, you can view a lot of wildlife and numerous flamingo birds. A guide will lead the way and a bicycle mechanic rides at the rear to attend to any punctures and a back-up vehicle all combine to give you peace of mind and let you enjoy the trip fully.

Camping and Hiking safaris in Kenya– The Case of the Maasai Mara

Day 1

Leave Nairobi at 0900 hours, from the central pick-up point, pass through the extinct volcanoes, on the way to Suswa and Longonot. After arriving at Narok, the district’s main administrative center, there will be service of the packed lunch. Reach the camp at about 1500 hours, settle there and afterwards walk through the neighboring valleys and hills as you see the plains game and return to the camp during the sunset. While here, you can go for a shower, drinks over the campfire and of course, dinner. To make your camping and Hiking safaris in Kenya interesting, you will have to chat around the campfire before retiring for the night.
Day 2

There is breakfast before you head for Maasai Mara Game Reserve to view the game. You pay your own park fees at the park’s main entrance. The variety and number of games available at the Maasai Mara is distinct from any other Kenyan park. After arriving at the hippo pool, surrounded by a huge school of hippos, you will be served with packed lunch. Afterwards, the route changes as you reach the camp during late afternoon. Have dinner while chatting around the fire before retiring for the night.
Day 3

Take an early breakfast before departing on bicycles for a ride up the Sekenani Valley, perhaps seeing varied game and wonderful views on your camping and hiking safaris in Kenya. After going back to the camp, you will pack the bags and return to Nairobi where you will arrive at about 1600 hours.

Transport is through an eight-seater minibus. Accommodation is shared in various tents, meals, camp fees that exclude park fees and a hired sleeping bag. The trip also involves personal expenses and medical insurance. You should not forget to carry personal toiletries, a sleeping bag, soap, towel, a jersey for the cool evenings and mornings, comfortable shoes for cycling or walking, T-shirts and shorts, torch, camera and binoculars

Logistics for Camping and Hiking safaris in Kenya

You have an option of taking part in the exhilarating and well-organized camping and hiking safaris in Kenya as you sleep peacefully below the Africa’s starry canopy. Moreover, there are tours aimed at meeting any special interest. Kenya provides a large variety of these including mountaineering, ornithology, windsurfing, fishing and golfing. Kenya also provides tailor made safaris.

At times, you can hire tents at the private campsites. If you have to bring in your own tent, ensure it has the sewn-in groundsheet and it can zip well to off insects such as ants and mosquitoes. You will find that during your camping and hiking in Kenya safaris, some campsites do provide bandas (small huts with a bed, some with basic facilities) where you need to bring all your equipment and bedding. Those who would enjoy combining camping with mountain climbing will be happy to enjoy this within the Mount Kenya area.

There are many different options on which route to take, depending on your ability level and how much time you have. The right time to go is almost every time of the year apart from possibly the middle of rainy seasons. It is easy to navigate the park and if you can get a map at the gate, you will be ready to explore individually. If you need a guide or ranger, you can make similar arrangements at the gate.

The charges of camping inside the parks are usually reasonable and you may need to pay some fees for your car. You should compute your daily park fees and it is important you know upfront the kind of parks you will prefer because they have varying fees. Most of them do not accept credit cards, so you have to have the cash with you and most prefer US$. Some may accept local currency too.

Remember to carry sufficient drinking water and for any emergency backup, come with a few water purification tablets. The camping and hiking safaris Kenya are real fun. Finding tap water for washing and other chores is easy but when it comes to drinking water, you can buy as much as possible.

If you encounter a flat tire, go to the nearest gas station. Many of them can fix it for around 400 shillings. And of course, be sure your own spare tire is in great shape. Come with the car chargers too, you will definitely need it whether it for the camera, cell phone or laptop. With these guidelines, you are fully prepared to enjoy the camping and hiking safaris in Kenya.


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