Best Camping Tents for a Memorable Vacation

Best Camping Tents for a Memorable Vacation





As the common knowledge dictates, camping is an outdoor recreational adventure and therefore to keep away from catching cold one requires the best camping tents. There are different camping tents based on different weather conditions, camping group, camping site, comfort ability and prices. Choosing a camping tent may be difficult especially for backpacking because of its load; however, with careful choice of a camping tent all other factors have the solution. The camping tents form a major part of the camper’s list of items and therefore ignoring it is a big mistake.

Qualities of the Best Camping Tents

While shopping for camping tents, it is important to choose the one that suits your camping style and one that fits in the weather condition and accommodates all. Best camping tents have certain distinct features most of which are in the quality and material of construction. While choosing on the tent the tub floor is a very important feature to check at, should be waterproof and very less chance of water seepage from the ground or water runoffs at the corners of the tent.


The best camping tents also have good material tent poles. Aluminum is the best tent pole material because it is stronger and very durable. However, they may not be suitable for backpacking because of their weight. The tent fabrics are an important part of the tent. Best camping tents, which is of choice to most families, are the high-denier rip stop-nylon fabric because it is tightly woven making it cut and rip resistant. The tents also have stronger reinforcement of seams and stitching at all stress points.

Best camping tents also have loops, straps and pockets everywhere for windows, and doors, the straps for tent pole attachment and hold-back straps. The tents should also have rain fly for better weather protection and vestibules for privacy and storage of extra gear that may over pack the tent room. The zippers of doors and windows should be strong and of good quality to avoid breakage that might expose the tent.

Other features that make best camping tents include the livability and tent setup features, which focus on your camping style and your tent setup. For example, the tent size should be able to accommodate all the people in the camp without any discomfort. The headroom or peak height also known as the stand up room of the interior of the tent should also be able to accommodate all heights of the people in the camping tent. The tent should be easy to access in all folds and should have adequate ventilation. Most importantly, the tent should be easy to set up.

How to Choose Best Camping Tents

Camping is only fun when the chosen camping tent is of good quality. Careful choosing of the best camping tents is important because of their diverse features in shapes, sizes and materials of construction. While choosing the tents, you need to determine the size that you require your camping tent to be. The tent should be able to accommodate all people in the camp the gears and without any discomfort and it allows the people to stand up and lie down comfortably while inside.

The shape of your tent matters a lot, there are A-shaped tents, umbrella tents and dome shaped tents. Each type has its advantages and bad features. The A-shaped tents are always best for small sizes while umbrella and domed tents are larger and accommodate more people and individuals. Apart from the shape, the material for the tent pole is also an important aspect to make a decision. Fiberglass is common for tent pole and is always inexpensive. Other poles like aluminum are very durable but are heavier. When choosing the pole for the best camping tents, check on the weight, durability and how it can withstand extreme weather conditions, as well checking on the cost is very important.

The type of tent that one chooses also depends on the weather conditions. For example if you are camping in summer, ensure your tent has screened windows that can allow fresh air. Your tent should also be waterproof if you are planning to camp during wet conditions or in damp places. Most importantly, while choosing best camping tents, you should be able to account for the cost. Larger tents, with good quality, waterproof and have carbon fiber tent poles will be expensive compared to small tents will aluminum poled small tents.

Packing the Best Camping Tents for Your Adventure

Tent camping is an adventure that one will never forget, but one that can be mistaken as an adventure of suffering without electricity, TV, heaters, microwaves and other essential human requirements. One can go without carrying all this but surely, if you pack your gear well, you will not suffer. After getting your tent, you need to pack a tarp and a rain fly to keep water from seeping through the floor and to ensure that your best camping tent remains clean. You also need to pack light folding chairs to keep you laughing around the campfire at night. When packing you need to pack for the weather, from the tent itself to the clothing.

While camping, never forget a very essential element of camping, the camping food and water, pack all the required camping food that you require obeying the law of balanced diet and energy requirement. You should also pack your sleeping gear, bring light with you in your camping tent, and for safety, ensure you have a pocketknife and a first aid kit to keep your safety assurance.

If you want to enjoy your camping adventure, it is no secret that you must first be comfortable in the tent. Shopping for a tent may appear difficult but if you have the idea of what you are looking for then it certainly will be easy and will take the shortest time possible. It will increase the space in the tent and ensure everybody is comfortable. Purchasing a very expensive tent will not mean that you have a good camping tent, however purchasing the best camping tents is the solution to your camping adventure.

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