The Best Hiking Camps for Kenya Backpackers

The Best Hiking Camps for Kenya Backpackers





There are several hiking camps for Kenya backpackers situated almost all over the country owing to the fact that Kenya is a country blessed with several favorable hiking terrains and conditions. From hiking in Mount Kenya to hiking in Mount Kilimanjaro there are camps that are under the Kenyan tourism sector and safari lodges. Maasai Mara is one of the major camping zones in Kenya with different camping sites situated within the large game reserve.

Planning for camping in the hiking

camps for Kenya backpackers

Camping in Kenya is possible almost all over the country from down at Lake Victoria across the wetland of Mount Kenya up to the arid northeastern Kenya. However the challenge come with hiking camps for backpacker as they are not so many, a few which are available are range from private camps to parks and public hiking campsites. The hiking camps have good facilities installed in them; however the private camps tend to be luxury camps  hence facilities provided are of high standards.

As you prepare to go for camping in the hiking camps for Kenya backpackers, it is important to take note of certain important factors. Knowing where you are is important and knowing where you are going to is more important. Therefore, it may not seem reasonable to camp in Nairobi when you are going for hiking in Mount Kilimanjaro. The first important thing to do is identify your hiking and backpacking region before choosing on your camping site then chooses a camping site that is close to your region of operation.

The locations of most of the hiking camps for Kenya backpackers are on or along the hiking regions and getting them are not difficult. In the camps, there are already raised tents for those who cannot carry their tents and have several delicacies both local and international. Booking your camp in or along your hiking and backpacking region is important for you not to lose the trail and to ensure that after a long day of hiking and backpacking you get a rest as soon as possible.

As you prepare for camping, it is important not to forget the camping essentials, the equipment and gears for camping, backpacking and hiking. Gears like the sleeping system, headlights, among others should be in your backpack. Kenya is in the sun and therefore carrying sunglasses and sunscreens is important and to ensure your safety carrying the first aid kit and safety box is important. Because one will be walking in the forest carrying a pocket knife and the like is essential, a compass and a map should also be in the pocket for trailing and direction. Camping in the hiking camps for Kenya backpackers is a fun experience when prepared for in the best way.

The appropriate hiking camps for Kenya


Hiking is an enjoyable adventure especially if you can get to have a good rest after a long day of walking and sweating. Apart from the adventure of the activity, it brings you closer to nature. This occurs especially in the sites, which have the natural aspect of the world, and makes hiking camps for Kenya backpackers a destination for many people. Because hiking is the main activity in these camps, socialization is easy and other outdoor activities are accessible easily by like minded individuals.

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The Maasai Mara prime game is one of the areas where the hiking camps for Kenya backpackers are located. It offers good camping facilities and its location is suitable to the hiking areas of the rift valley and the Kilimanjaro regions. The Mother Nature surrounding the park gives good viewing conditions to the hikers as they walk in and out of the camp with bird and other wildlife teeming to be adventurous to the hikers. There are several camping sites across the Maasai Mara offering tented camping and other facilities.

Hiking in Mount Kenya is a more than enough experience with the mountainous and wet conditions surrounding the mountain. Hikers may take several days on their way up the mountain camping on different sites along the way. The several tour guide companies always guide the hikers on the camping sites along the way, the routs to follow and how to plan their hiking days. As one hikes along the Mount Kenya there are several hiking camps for Kenya backpackers like the Samburu campsite, Meru area campsite among others.

The Rowallan campsite situated in Nairobi along the Kibera drive is one of the favorable backpacker campsites for hikers. Situated adjacently to the Ngong hills it offers a good area for camping after a short day hiking in the hills. Getting into the park is so easy from the city center and has the cheapest charges with a natural serene environment. The campsite belongs to the Kenyan scout and is managed and operated by the Kenyan scout in conjunction with the wildlife service of Kenya.

Understanding the Kenyan climate-hiking camps for Kenya backpackers

As one moves within Kenya, it’s essential to learn about the climate, weather conditions and the seasons. Kenya is subdivided into two by the equator and it experiences both tropical and temperate climates. It is a country in the sun with hot and humid weather conditions all year round in almost all parts of the country. There are also arid and semi arid areas in the northern and northeastern parts of the country.

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There are two rainy seasons in the country with the long rains coming between March to June or July in some cases and the short rains coming between October and November.  Hiking is better in the summer when the conditions are favorable and the forests are not so bushy. During these times certainly the camping site is expensive but the hiking conditions are adventurous.

A hiker who enjoys the game can thrive in any condition, a beginner may need directives and studying Kenya’s climate is one of the studies that a beginner must undertake. Backpacking hiking is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities especially when one gets a very comfortable camping destination. It is important to research the different hiking camps for Kenya backpackers to ensure you settle for the best region and campsite.


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