Healthy and Safety Camping Tips

Healthy and Safety Camping Tips






Whenever one decides to go for a camping adventure, there are various camping tips that he or she should be aware of to avoid any safety, security or health risk and remain informed as well all through the period. The tips are designed to enable one enjoy to the fullest, keep records for remembrance and  stay aware of all the surrounding conditions within and without the camp. There are different categories of camping tips based on different factors like tips for starters, tips for family picnics or tips for different weather and environmental conditions.

Camping tips for beginners

For a beginner, the joy and adventure of going for camping may overwhelm you; however, it is important to gain some camping tips before beginning your journey to the camp. You should gain knowledge on the types of camps, the facilities for different camps and the kinds of terminologies and technologies used in the camps. For example, what kind of adventure are you going for? Is it a camp or a festival? What other activities are you going to perform there? Such questions will enable you to plan well for your adventure.

camping in kenya

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In addition to knowing the type of camping, it is important to know what to take with you to the camp. Beginners may find themselves taking too much or too less but with the right information you will find that you carry just enough for you. On your checklist, there is so much to check out; some may be small while others may be bigger. It all depends on how long you are going to take in your camp, what you are going to do and who you are going with. Among what you must carry is the shelter, always carry tents as the source of their shelter. You must also ensure that you keep warm at night; this requires you to carry a sleeping system and some source of heating for making a campfire. Carrying extra clothes is advisable to ensure you are always warm and you do not catch cold.

The third important camping tip on what one must carry is the food and drinks. Carrying a lot of uncooked food my require carrying so much fuel and a stove which will make your pack heavy, hence it is advisable to carry already cooked  food to reduce the weight of your load. Alternatively, your camp may have a café so you may also decide to buy food from the café if it is possible. Carrying water bottle apart from the water that you have carried is important, to help reduce the weight of your pack.

Other equipment that beginners must check out are pocketknives, cameras, maps for navigation, spare boots, sunglasses, sunscreens, flashlights, compass and a first aid kit. These will help you in keeping your trail while walking, safety and security measures. Among the very important camping tips for beginners is a team. The campers always work together and it is important never to walk alone in the adventure area for safety and security reasons. While in the camp, it is advisable to walk in pairs.

Camping tips on what to do before you go for camping

After deciding about camping as your adventure, there are some prerequisite camping tips that one must get well conversant with, other than just knowing what to carry, where you are going and what activities you are going to do in the camp. If you are going to somewhere that you have never visited before, it is important to find out the weather conditions, the facilities, the need to carry money or not. Check if pets are allowed or if the campsite owner allows campfires and if firewood will be available for making the fires.

It is important to check your health status before going for camping to ensure that you are fit for the task and activities ahead. Learn how to use certain equipment like reading the map for trailing your way, using cameras and using the first aid kit. Learn the basic first aid skills for any emergency. You can also practice fire safety tips and prepare safe packed food for your camping period.


It is also important to pack a night before to ensure you do not get late and that everything required is all set. Getting everything ready also will reduce the stress of missing anything, as you will be able to identify it early and purchase it if needed. Counter check your check list with your packed items to ensure all items are packed.

Before you go camping, it’s important to keep fit in body and mind. It is a great opportunity for physical activities, however, if you have never gone for some practice it may prove difficult and you may not enjoy your camping period. It’s therefore advisable to practice some physical activity camping tips like walking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming and other activities that will keep you fit during the camping period. Learn how to put on the protective gear and other camping gears and the other protective and maintenance skills, like taking care or your tent.

Researching camping tips and remembering your camping period

It is important to know where you are going, what you are going to do and whom you are going with. It is also important to know what kind of camping you are going to and all the equipment and gears that you require. This calls for intensive research on the camping tips so that you have all the information that you may require about camping. Checking camping magazines and researching on the best camping magazines is a good idea for your research. Among the other ideas, consulting your friends and coworkers who like camping and visiting camping websites will help you to gather information about camping.

It is also important to remember your camping, where you went, the activities, and the people within the camp during the camping period. Achieving that is by carrying camera or a video recorder.

Guest houses in mombasa

Guest houses in Mombasa.
Photo courtesy of Natural track safaris -Kenya

Camping can be an enjoyable activity if one has the information and skills to make it enjoyable. Research and consultation will enable you to gather the best information about camping tips that will ensure your camping trip is healthy and safe.


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