Best Camping Sites worth your Attention and Visit

Best Camping Sites worth your Attention and Visit




Following a need for groups or an individual to have outdoor activities, everyone is out to look for the best Camping sites for real satisfaction. The participants (known as campers) leave their home region and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of tents, sleeping bag, motor home, cabin, a primitive structure, or no shelter.

Factors to consider when Choosing

the Best Camping Sites

The first thing you need to do when planning for camping is to do all you can so as to identify the camp where you will use for overnight stay in the outdoors. You may find two types of campsites namely; an impromptu area and the other is a dedicated area. Impromptu area is chosen by the people to stay while hiking or backpacking while dedicated area is the place which has various amenities and improvements.

While choosing a campsite you need to consider several factors. One very fundamental factor is accessibility – you have to plan well on how you are going to reach to your Campsite and know whether it is a drive up a campsite or is it accessible via a foot or train. The best camp sites in this case are those ones with a half mile or less walk for your camping trip.

Another very crucial factor here is the views or attractions. Here you will consider how your campsite looks, what is there and whether it has good views or not. You will not be excited if you go and camp in a boring place when there are lots of beautiful campsites available.

After getting the best camping sites in your mind, the next thing you need to do is check whether it has clean water access or not. If the spot doesn’t have clean water, you are required to take all of the water that you need. Also to note is to check whether the campsite has firewood and make sure you are permitted to gather firewood for the spot you are going.

Also to consider is the compatibility. If you are planning to go for a camp to uncharted areas, make sure that the ground surface is flat so that you can pitch your tent without rolling downward a hillside. The area you have chosen should be safe for sleeping through all night and if you are just starting out camping it is better to choose public campgrounds which you can find in most national parks.’s pick- Best Camping Sites

The many game reserves and magnificent natural geological features dotting the country, make camping in Kenya a worthwhile experience. These game parks, reserves and beach destination in Kenya’s Coast offer tourists a chance to pitch tents under open skies and enjoy the marvels of nature more up-close. Camping in Kenya isn’t ideal until one visit the Enchoro Wildlife Camp in Masai Mara game reserve.

The best Camping sites let visitors enjoy viewing the ecological diversity of Masai Mara safely while Enchoro’s spacious tents have changing rooms and lockers for storing guests’ valuables. Writing desks, postal services, foldable safari chairs, king size beds, bathrooms with flush toilets and mirrors are available too. Diverse cuisines and drinks at the camp are served at affordable prices to visitors whose queries are handled 24 hours in the camp that carries 50 guests capacity.

The thrill of camping in Kenya by the pristine beaches and sky blue Indian Ocean waters is available at Munira Island Camp in Kiwayu Lamu. Munira Island is the most beautiful island of the Lamu Archipelago. It’s laden with caves and bays perfect for excursion adventures with its extensive mangrove creek which is a vibrant birding area where light tackle fishing is also done.

Rightly dubbed the ‘adrenaline Camp’ the Rapids Camp in Sagana adds the ecstasy tinge to adventures in Kenya. Located by the Tana River, the camp offers a picturesque view of the roaring Tana River waterfalls, great canyons and steep gorges. The camp’s landscape terrain is ideal for pitching tents and at night guests can be safely taken on moonlit walks to hills nearby. Bush breakfast is provided to guests. These best camping sites are ideal for corporate team building activities like tug of war, cliff climbing, rafting and bungee jumping.

Kembu and Crayfish as among the Best Camping Sites

Located on Moi South Lake Road and 18km from Naivasha in an Acacia woodland is the Crayfish Camp. As far as camping in Kenya goes, Crayfish Camp is the only one named after fish diet it serves. The camp is popular with local and foreign tourists. Crayfish’s recreational include mountain biking, boating, horse riding, nature walks, picnicking and indoor games. Tents and vehicle and boat sleeping rooms are available and the camp offers spectacular views of the Lake Naivasha and Eburu Hills.

Located in Njoro is the Kembu Campsite. Kembu Camp has a homely feel as concerns camping in Kenya. It overlooks the Great Rift Valley and it’s an ideal retreat destination due to its inherent tranquility. From Kembu, trips to Lakes Nakuru, Bogoria, Menengai Crater, Mau Forest and Rose farms can be organized. The camps 7250 feet altitude makes it a Malaria free camp. Farm walks, volleyball, soccer, birding and nature walks are some recreational activities guests can engage in. Another popular camping spot in Kenya includes Paradise Lost.

Kenya’s best camping sites offers you utmost flexibility and since you have all the basics that you need in your adventure camping vehicle, time is at your control. This makes it all so easy and relaxing knowing that you can spend as much time or less depending on where you want to visit. Camping in Kenya offers you a real feeling of adventure especially when the nocturnal wildlife comes to graze in the campsites in the night and most importantly, undisturbed by your presence.

What’s more is that in most of the camps in Kenya you will sit around the African fire in the evening, crack those silly jokes or simply counting the day’s sightings. It is the perfect African safari set-up filled with the rich African sounds, the occasional lion roar or the laughter of the hyenas. That’s the experience best camping sites can offer.

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