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Half Day Tour to Nairobi National Park

Herds of Zebra can be found across the Park

I have been to the Nairobi National Park several times, mainly on a weekend.  I got my opportunity to visit the park on a Wednesday afternoon courtesy of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)  The weather was perfect for an afternoon drive away from the hustles and bustles of the city.  We set off after a brief lunch at the KWS Club ... Read More »

Nairobi’s Wildlife Attractions


  Nairobi being a city may not be considered to have lots of wildlife attractions, compared to other areas across the country.  However, the city boast of several wildlife attractions with the most unique attraction being the National park a uniqueness that sets Nairobi as the only city in the world that has a national park in a city. One ... Read More »

Unmissable Safari Camps Where to Enjoy The Wildebeest Migration


The magical Wildebeest migration is on, and I have this hunch you will be heading to the banks of the Great Mara River to witness this wonder of the world. While a number of hotels have already serviced their air-con systems and imported expert chefs, a lot of us still consider camping as a noble way to reconnect with nature ... Read More »

Camping Safari at Shimba National Reserve

Sable antelope of at shimba Hills

Camping Safari Trip We were visiting the Coast town of Mombasa. Having enjoyed the sandy beaches, we craved to go camping, away to the wild, and so we sort to see what the Shimba National Reserves has in store for visitors looking to have fun camping. The Shimba National Reserve is located in Kwale District at the Coastal province of ... Read More »

Kenya Airways moves more flights to Terminal 1A


NAIROBI AUGUST 21, 2014 — Kenya Airways has migrated 11 additional flights to the new ultramodern Terminal 1A at its Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) hub. From Thursday (August 21, 2014), the airline will be operating a total of 15 flights from the new Terminal 1A, which is for exclusive use by Kenya Airways and its SkyTeam partners. These flights ... Read More »

Key West: Perfect Destination for Honeymooners

Newlywed couples seeking a suitable destination for a few days intimate holiday experience may look no further than Key West. Key West is an island located in Monroe County, Florida. There are a huge number of destinations where couples can make their honeymoon trip unforgettable. Some places of Interest for Honeymooners Boating Facilities over Amazing Beaches -Walking hand in hand ... Read More »

We’re not there yet! Surviving the Family Road Trip


Travel is increasing every year and it is predicted that even more people will be on the road over years. Traveling with the family can be a great way to spend quality time together but it can also be stressful.  Increase your chances of a fun, stress-free and safe vacation by following these simple tips: Tips to survive the Family ... Read More »

The Lake Turkana Cultural Festival #WhyILoveKenya

Chalbi desert - Rendille people
Photo courtesy :

The three day event brings together fourteen pastoralist communities from the Northern part of Kenya.  The annual event is supported by  the National Museums of Kenya, The Kenya tourist board as well as the country government among other sponsors.  It’s an event that tourists get to learn about the various cultural from the tribes of this region.  There are the ... Read More »

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